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I'm sitting here with a glass of Robard and butler 2013 merlot... (Ok, it's not Est Est) and reflecting on my Witcher journey... roughly 8 years it took me and that was an experience I won't forget!
From when I started the books in about 2010, then playing through the games, up until the 5 month time span it took me to finish Witcher 3 GOTY.

The Witcher has been my main interest for so long, when I say main interest I mean there are books/games/movies that I'll skim through because I'm not emotionally invested in them. For me a some good examples of investments worthy of my time would be Mass effect, Arthur C Clarkes Rama series, Dead space series. These are things I savour and take my time with. I know I'm not the only one, how could the reviews be wrong?

Not many games get me feeling emotions, games are supposed to be fun and entertaining and to reward that part of your brain which makes you feel satisfied, not mediums for "feels", or so I thought, perhaps its the gamer from way back in me coming out, the times have passed where you could blow a few dollars at the arcade for a quick blast, some hack n slash, some shoot em up beat em up.
As it is, The Witcher saga had me going through a lot of thoughts and emotions that I'm sure everyone else who has walked the path of the Witcher could understand.

Could I say that this is my favorite series? Yes
Will I go through the journey again? Give me a few years and I most likely will, it's too good not to.

Witcher 3 tied up all the loose ends I was hoping....perhaps I didn't make the best decisions, some outcomes were not the best....but those were my decisions, it was MY story, other peoples stories will be different.
I know I said no spoilers but to make one final comment which will touch on how I left the game....


I didn't actually want to quit, even after I had completely done everything. All of my friends and notable characters in the game had either been killed off or dissapeared out of the game, it felt empty. Of course there was the beautiful countryside of Toussaint I could gallop across, go for a casual sail across Skellige, Return to Kaer Morhen or take a nice leisurely ride through monster infested Velen....even though I have finished all quests, contracts, hidden treasures etc etc. Except there was one thing left in my quest log to do, go back home, to the vinyard.
Surprisingly, I was greeted by Yennefer. Witcher is a love story too! I was happy the way it ended....even though now I'm left feeling sad that it's all over but fulfilled.

I left Geralt and Yennefer sitting on that couch as the moon came up....left them my mind, they lived happily ever after.
Nicely put. My experience was vaguely similar to yours but (as you said) different. I'm glad you got so much out of the series. You join very many people with similar experiences. Cheers!
Nice post.

I've just finished my second play through. I've yet to explore Toussaint though and will probably leave it with Geralt and Yennefer together.

I managed to get to lev 35 this time round. It did seem to make a difference.

I also opted for Triss first time. But having read the books in between, I understand her so much more and there really isn't a better choice.
I also have similar feelings. The whole game and story was so good for me, I feel sad it's over.
Congratulations! :)

I just started to play Witcher 2, after playing 3 and didn't even look into the first. This order might not be the best, but I loved the story and graphic and from this point on was keen to find out the notes/hints and sidestories.

It's really a great game and in my opinion one of the best games so far (storywise) :)