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Download and install DVXK dlls (only for GPU with support Vulkan technology, mostly works for all with DX12 support):
- download newest "dxvk-...tar.gz" from:
- unpack this file and from "x64" folder copy: "d3d11.dll" and "dxgi.dll" in to the same location where is the game .exe (This will force the game to use vulkan instead of the DX11)

When witcher3.exe not starting, process sitting with 0 % usage in task manager after using DXVK dlls, then close this game proess in task menager.

And if you have installed Geforce Experience, you have to disable in game overlay:

and secound thing is to disable Nvidia Ansel technology in Nvidia Inspector:
and "Apple changes"

Now you will be able to start W3 NG DX11 with DVXK x64 dlls
Post edited April 11, 2023 by R4zen_Hose_Tony
So they still haven't fixed this? Last time I played the game the DX12 version launched fine but the DX11 one crashes after loading any save. Come on CD Projekt Red, people shouldn't need to use workarounds to play the game.