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Good day. Sorry for my bad english (my native language is russian).

I like to play in Witcher 3 with polish voice and russian subtitle (text).

1) Installing this language combination with GOG Galaxy is not easy:
you install polish version from GOG first and then search where in game menu setting changing subtitle language (the menu on POLISH language at this moment)

it is not good :(

can you make choosing voice/subtitle(text) language combination in GOG galaxy program?

2) (topic was be create for this problem)
With any new patch the text language setting is reset and I must change it to previos state manually.

(before update: polish voice and russian subtitle
after update: polish voice and polish subtitle
manual changing to: polish voice and russian subtitle
new fix(update) -> repeat)

can you repair it?
I agree that at least the reset with each patch is annoying. Usually I forget this happens and I don't notice until I'm in the game that the voices have changed, so I have to quite back to the menu and change them. One would think that remembering language settings (just like all other settings) in-between updates would not be a problem.