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Came back to the game after some time not playing (PC) and for some reason certain rivers or puddles are not transparent and have strange reflections when you are near them. The surface of the water appears as some sort of warped mirror and stands out greatly in the surroundings. I have tried adjusting my graphics settings, verifying the game cache and using different graphics drivers. I am at a loss about what to try next.

Also, for some reason in the Hearts of Stone DLC character names are showing up in Polish, I have no clue how this could happen as I have never touched any language settings.

Does anyone have any advice about how I can fix these problems? I really want to get back into this game for the dlc which I just bought but keep encountering strange bugs. These bugs seem completely unrelated but it seems strange that I am getting these all at the same time.

I would really appreciate some help.
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People that left their game for a while and then updated have found these problems and many others,it may be time to do a clean re-install.