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EDIT: FIXED IT - By default Raytracing is enabled. Just disable it!

Game keeps crashing for no obvious reasons. DX11 doesn't even start and DX12 crashes directly after intro video.

I finished the game years ago on an older system, so why can't it be played today?
Srsly, I didn't expect GOG/CD Project own products would be so troublesome.

Trying now to download the old version (1.31), at least it's still provided.

WIN 10
GTX 1660 Super
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For me, I moved the game to a second desktop session. On Win11, when you press the windows key + tab. So I only have witcher 3 running on the desktop 2. Doing this I haven't experienced a crash yet. Hopefully it doesn't crash for me, so yet to be determined.
_DickJustice_: Can also confirm that 4.0.4 is incredibly crash-prone for me. When I load a game, there's a 50-60% chance it'll crash during the load screen. It'll also sometimes crash when changing equipment in the inventory screen. Didn't encounter any such issues when I tested out the classic version.
Inventory crashes are due to nvidia hair. Turn it off in game options.
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