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Specs: Rtx 3080 Ryzen 5800x3d 16GB ram

I downloaded Witcher 2 as I wanted to play it before Witcher 3 gets enhanced and I launched the game this morning and had no issues in the tutorial area at 4k with v-sync set to 120 fps.

Now I am ’m tying to play and starting in the tutorial area again with the same graphics settings and Uber sampling off I am getting 22-25 fps in both the tutorial and in the arena but during the opening cut scene and main menu get 120 fps.

Looked at other post with similar issues and I uninstalled and reinstalled, changed texture memory budget to 2048, 1536, 900, 600 but still stuck at 20 frames.
Reinstalled drivers and still running into the same problem.

Set graphics settings to the low preset and game is still not running right as I was then getting 34-37 fps with v-sync off, with the low preset was getting 900+ frames in the opening cutscene and in the main menu.
Was still also getting 22-25 fps with v-sync off at 4k

Edit: Rolled back my nvidia drivers from 526.86 as I forgot I updated to that today back to 522.25 and the game worked for the first time I had the game launched. When the game was launched again it is back to being stuck at 20 frames
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