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I'm not sure if the problem is exclusive to use of controller, near the end of the game I noticed that my controller frequently gets a problem where all of the sudden all of the buttons in combat dont work except for the left and right analog stick and the start button. The camera also becomes very buggy as well, when I try to move the right analog stick theres a delay before it moves and then it just does a 360. I know it isnt a controller problem because I can pause the game and my face buttons have no problem working in the menu--its only in combat where the buttosn dont work.

Has anyone else been getting this problem?
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Do you have any other controllers plugged in?

If you do, try unplugging them.
I only have one controller. It happened once somewhere in Chapter 3, but showed up two times during the final boss fight. Reloading my save (right when the boss's health was low, lol) made the buttons work again. I think it's a bug in the game that caused the buttons to stop working in combat.
Ok I just started a new game and this time I'm playing with the keyboard and mouse. Same problem happened but at the beginning of the game. Very annoying when all of the sudden Geralt can't attack or roll or do anything at all during combat except move.
This also happens to me. It seems to only happen in big battles for me though.
this is well known bug for both k&m and gamepad users you can read about it here
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