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Hello quite often I get a bug where I'm unable to attack, enter combat, meditate, use a sign, etc... even if I'm being attacked.

Also in this state I am unable to save my game, right now my last save is at a part that requires about 5-10 mins of running around and talking to people, which is a pain to keep doing when I run into this bug, and I don't know what to do about it. Usually opening my last save would fix it, but it's been 2 times in a row this bug appeared in the same spot, quite frustrating.

Anyone know how to fix it or experienced the same thing?
check my thead on it < same issue
can you link it? i dont seem to be able to click your profile or see your posts...
ah k, yeah same thing, i cant get rid of it this time and it basically makes me unable to play the game...I dont want to give spoilers, but it's happening after I speak to Loredo about killing the monster, it's fine before the conversation, but after I talk to him I get hit with the bug and am unable to get rid of it. It's happened 4 times in a row now...
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