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The game is just awesome btw! but when i turn all the settings on high except for Uber Sampling the game runs at a very acceptable FPS but the moment i turn it on that changes! can some kind person please share with me the science behind "Uber Sampling" and tell me if there is anyway to get this working a bit better ??

Is there some way to get this Pre Cached or sumthing to take stress of a already stressed GPU ?

thanks :)

Ubersampling: high quality rendering mode under which whole scenes are rendered multiple times to provide the best possible textures, object details and anti-aliasing (superior to anti-alias and anisotropy even on the highest settings). Use with caution, only on top-end computers (best possible in terms of both GPU and CPU).
thanks tiger :)

So does this mean i should turn off AA/AT while using Uber Sampling as its far better ? and try using it that way ?
No, turn off uber-sampling. It's basically a future-proof, video option. Even the top-end video cards are choking on it. Try it in 2-3 years with your shiny new 4 GB video card.
wow it cant be that bad... i dont lose to much FPS on just becomes a lil jerky but enough to make me wanna turn it off...

there must be something we can do to enable it at a comfortable FPS... ATI drivers will definetly make it a lil less crazy on the GPU maybe thats all i need...

I was hoping there was some Pre Caching u could do :P so it doesnt continue to load the entire way through and cause the jerky behaviour...

Has anyone on this forum had it on perfectly ??? and could post a video of there playing for comparission ?
you wont be able to do it without a second video card, so stop trying.

it was the same way when crysis came out.
thekingcasper: there must be something we can do to enable it at a comfortable FPS...
Short of buying another (or two, or three more) graphics card and running a high end crossfire configuration, not really. It really is a feature designed to make sure that the game survives the test of time, and is currently only something people with extremely powerful PCs will be able to make proper use of. There's not much a driver update will be able to do for you here, as it's simply a matter of how much raw power your system is capable of cranking out.