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Post edited July 30, 2011 by Palimpsest
Palimpsest: OMG can anyone tell me where is logout button on this site? I now it is so silly qustion but i am looking for that from 1 hour. I know it's an extremely stupid question, but now I'm looking for an hour this button.
Go to My Account ---> Logout Now button is upper right :)
God blessed you gregski. And mod please remove this topic.. it is so embarrassing;)
I vote to make this a sticky. :)
Kleetus: I vote to make this a sticky. :)
That would be cruel, but funny!
HAHA. sorry I can't help laughing.
As I browse all the topic in GOG this one is the most informative.
I make this as my favorite topic in GOG.
loved it. hahaha!
I bet the OP just loves having this bumped up.

No need to thank me, it's my pleasure. :)
Yeah, he'll probably see this bumped for eternity. Just for his embarassment. And our lulz.
This reminds me of "There are no stupid questions only ..."
If only gregski hadn't quoted him, he would have gotten away with it.
All hail gregski for preserving this piece of true wisdom and awesomeness!

*good-night-bumps it*
Hello everyone, how are we today?
/laughing irl
What was the topic?