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(Posting here hoping CD Projekt RED reads this board. Questions rhetorical. ;)

Witcher 2 @ $50.00 = 100% frustration!

I preordered TW2 after playing the original and totally enjoying it. I was looking forward to it with much anticipation!

It was delivered yesterday afternoon.

Several attempts at installing it failed due to a CRC error! I’ve not seen a CRC error since the days of floppy disks. My DVD is not scratched. I assume the master may have been since the stall/CRC error occurred on the same file as others reported. Finally installed TW2 over the network from my laptop.

I then double click the shortcut that the install put on my desktop to run the game. I’m told I do no have sufficient rights to run this application. I edit the shortcut to run with administrator privileges.

I double click the shortcut and have to click “Yes” to the “okay to run this program from an unknown publisher” box. I then get a box asking for my serial number. I start entering it and nothing appears in the edit field!

I go to for help. The site is in Polish which I can fortunately change to English. No forums are present like the manual suggested. I found a FAQ that says to put my desktop DPI back to 100%. Who knew?

I can finally enter my serial number! I do, I click ok and nothing... I confirm the info is correct and try entering it several more times. Again nothing! Back to, once again I have to turn English on. I eventually discover, on the Community page not the home/main page, that the servers were undergoing maintenance.

30 minutes later (about 3 hours after I started this install) I try entering my serial number again. This time I get a download and unlocking procedure.

First thing I do when starting up a new game is configure the keyboard and other options. I click on Video & Language. I get a really ugly Configuration dialog on which I notice nothing for Sound. I click Input Settings to configure my keyboard.

I notice there are no Primary/Secondary settings per key. Then I discover I cannot assign my arrow keys to movement. I also discover the Number Pad keys cannot be assigned. I feel like I’m back in the 1980’s!

I use my computer and play games with my right hand, my left hand being nearly useless. In the past year I have played The Witcher, Dragon Age Origins/Awakening, Two Worlds II, Portal, Portal 2, without using any keys left of Back Space. I also use a trackball.

After all of the above I figured I would run TW2 and maybe have better/more configuration options in game. LOL! After clicking Launch Game I’m left staring at the Witcher badge/my desktop for what seems a minute before anything apparent happens.

On a POSITIVE note TW2, the miniscule bit I’ve seen, looks absolutely beautiful! I hope to get out of that tent SOON. Nothing against Triss...

This prompts me to ask these questions which I hope get answers:

Do you involve any left handed people in testing? Disabled? People over 40? 50? etc?

Why go against industry convention(?) and not offer keyboard/mouse configuration options like The Witcher and 99% of other games? That being primary/secondary keys, invert mouse, etc IN GAME.

When I select Input Settings my “protection package” warns of “key logger-like activity”. It baffles me why you need to hook the keyboard in a simple config box.

I tried to use AutoHotkey_L ( ) to get around the keyboard limitations but TW2 seems to ignore injected input? Stuff like:


to remap keys in a script is much easier than hacking an .ini.

Why does this game REQUIRE administrator privileges? I’ve never had a game require this before.

I understand you are working on correcting the keyboard issue - thank you! I look forward to being able to enjoy the effort your team put into TW2 and the nonrefundable money I spent! I'm sorry your launch wasn't smoother!

While you are reading this I want to compliment you on the original Witcher! In my opinion it was a nearly perfect game which I recommended to many people. I found the method of movement and combat enjoyable! The story well done and original.

Thank you for your time.