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"Since the AU price is almost $26 more than the price in USD, we're giving our AU customers a $26 credit to purchase anything on"

Which is really nice by the way :)

I was wondering if anyone has any idea when this would be applied to our accounts? I can't find anywhere in the 'My account' that lists any sort of credit and when i went to attempt to buying something it asked for CC details.
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I was also wondering this ;]
I'm not in Aus, but check your purchase confirmation email. You should receive several voucher codes (probably 2 for $9.99 games and one for a $5.99 game)
You should have received an email when you bought The Witcher 2 that contains the witcher key, a link to pick 1 game free game out of a line up of 4 games, and codes to get the store credit.

The store credit works like this, you'll get codes that let you pick free game, for 26$ you'll most likely get 2 code to pick a free 9.99$ game and 1 code for a 5.99$ game.
Hmm i checked my email and i have the CD Key, the link to the free game (which i have already used and it worked fine) but there is definitely nothing else

Is it possible i could have bought the game before they added the AU credit? I was pretty quick about it... heh
After checking the price in the email however it seems i got it for USD$44.99 (site listed price) but the page says its A$62.99, i checked my credit card statement online and i got charged A$43.12 for it

So it seems being quick on the buy button means i just got it for cheaper instead? :)
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Yeah, if you had preordered, that locked in the preorder price until a certain point, I believe. So you got it for the cheap price, and didn't need the store credit.