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Hello all,

I thought I'd repost this in the Witcher 2 forum as people here are more likely to have completed the first.

Anyway, I've recently bought The original witcher from gog and have put a few hours into it already. I'm at the beginning of chapter 2. My problem is I also preordered The Witcher 2 (also from gog) and it's currently sitting on my HDD.

I refuse to start the second one before I've finished the first, however I've noticed there are a number of time fillers in this one. As I said, I'm on chapter 2 currently and totally didn't realise that there were these trophy quests so I missed all of them in the first chapter.

Now, I don't want to rush the game. I really want to take in the story etc. However I was wondering if it was ok to miss out a lot of these trophy quests and notice board fetch quests without missing anything vital in the story?

As I said. I'm not trying to rush the game as this would be blasphemous, I just want to have a good grasp of the story and form an attachment to all the characters without the grinding.

I'm also not adverse to a little cheating/modding if I'm losing out on alot of XP for these quests.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Yes, the notice-board quests are just for money and XP. The trophies however will give you a nice sword by the end if you get them all, don't know if they transfer - someone confirm this please. Also do the Raven's Armour sidequest, as it does transfer. Other than that it's usually straight forward to distinguish the main plot quests from the sidequests.
The sword you get from The Lady Of The lake, Aerondight definently transfers too.
I'll do the Raven's Armour quest and The Lady of The Lake, for definite. But as I've already missed a few of the trophy quests, I guess it's not worth going out of my way to do the rest.

Trophy quests and fetch quests are easy to distinguish so I'll just ignore those. Any that don't look like a fetch or trophy quest, I assume are story based and I'll definitely do them.

Thanks for your response.

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Pretty sure the trophy quests don't transfer anything. Seems just to be Aerondight and Ravens armour which makes sense since a lot of stuff is mentioned about both of those.

Edit: Afterthought; Although they might transfer something later on or to be given to Geralt by the Royal Huntsman or someone if their in the game? Donno.
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Well, I'm a good 20-something hours in and I've only just started chapter 3. I'm so engrossed I can't help but take it slow. I'm still saying screw it to the fetch and trophy quests if I don't stumble on them or complete them, but this game is so long. However, it is also amazing, so the second one will have to wait!
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