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I like walking all the time and then using shift to run. Game works better that way, like many other games. Problem is using capslock to make Geralt walk all the time is not permanent, even in the same gameplay session. Certain cutscenes, dialogs or loads put him back to run.

It would be nice to have a toggle which allows you to walk by default.
Press Caps lock...
Hmm patch request thread would be good..I'd offer but don't have the time.
cgsinistro: Press Caps lock...
Read thread before posting...
Yeah, I would like to see a patch for this to. I prefer to walk rather then run all the time as well and hate getting thrown back into run mode all the time. Such a beautiful game don't know why anyone would want to run and miss all the hard work that was put into the environments.

PS. wouldn't mind getting F9 back as well
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