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Is this game worth playing if I only played Witcher 3? I heard good reviews about it but I never tried the old games, and it looks pretty cool. Just curious to hear what others say on here, and some thoughts and opinions.
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On December I played for the first time W3, then W1 and now I am playing W2. Each game is slightly different, but currenty I can recommend it, third Witcher is better, but still second part is a good game and for price which is when Witchers are on sale there is no risk.
I you are not happy with the combat in W2, try the FCR2 ( mod, it makes the combat more like Witcher 3.

I hated the combat in W2 at first (coming from W1), but with FCR2 is was actually fun, and I even completed the game on Hard twice.

The story is really amazing, great music, good visuals. Facial animation is of course... aged. It has a few tricky QTE sequences, just to warn you... Luckily those are really rare.

The "real way" to do it is of course: Read the books (starting with "The Last Wish" to "Lady of the Lake", it's only a few thousand pages...) and then play the games (starting with Witcher 1, which is the direct continuation). :-)
The books are great btw.
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In my opinion, despite Witcher 2 being an old game holds up incredibly well graphically. The areas looks detailed and beautiful.
Witcher 3 is an amazing game, but Witcher 2 does some things better than Wtcher 3 making it worth it.
The most important thing is the story. Witcher 2 has a very very complex story with a lot of political intrigue and its honesty one of the best stories in gaming in my opinion.
Other thing is the pacing of the game. Witcher 2 pacing is very well done and in some ways it is a more 'enjoyable' experience than the Witcher 3

People have said(I also agree) that the combat in Witcher 2 sucks but there are mods as people have posted in this post that fixes the combat.
There are also texture mods to make the game look better. The game already looks beautiful by today standards.

The ultimate Witcher series experience is to read 'The Last Wish' to 'The Lady of the Lake' Witcher books are great. The english translation has a few problems though, its still fine. I think there are a total of 7 books.
Then play Witcher 1 which has amazing story telling as well. Import your save to Witcher 2 and then play through with your own dialogue choices for first play through. I recommend Witcher 2 having 2 play throughs as depending on a certain choice, the mid section of the game is completely unique and different.
And finally Simulate Witcher 2 save file in Witcher 3.
This way, you feel the world building and the world changing and you can appreciate the Witcher world, story and lore the best which honestly is amazing.
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I love W2. It's basically two games in one, since after the first chapter there is a very important choice that determines what will happen in the following two parts.
Like the others have said, the bestest thing would be to read all the books then play all the games, but you might even want to start with the first game because Geralt has amnesia for the entirety of the first one. But if for some reason you just want to start with Assassins of Kings, make sure to read/watch a synopsis of the first because they are quite tightly connected.
in my opinion you should just play the trilogy. there's stuff that you can only do with an imported save.
pippin15: in my opinion you should just play the trilogy. there's stuff that you can only do with an imported save.
Plus knowing the characters and backstory from the prior games will make Witcher 3 that much more enjoyable.
I got to play Witcher 3 in my cousin's PC and it is the first Witcher game I have played. All I can say is it is DEFINITELY WORTH IT TO PLAY Witcher 2. It still got stunning graphics (except for trees) that would make you think that its like WITCHER 3 on medium or low graphics settings.

Oh and just a heads up if you play games with also Achievements in mind. The achievements on Witcher 2 in the GOG version does not work.
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I'd say give it a go. I'm just beginning to play it and it looks very good, both in appearance and gameplay. Well, except for combat, which is something extremely awful (coming from Witcher 1).

The graphics look good, but they are very demanding for an onbard GPU.