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Hey there !
Prepare to read some bad english, i wil try to do my best.

When i was younger i bought The Witcher 2 and installed it on my old computer (this computer has been sold now). Now i would like to play the game agaiN on my new computer. This computer has no "cd reader", so i decide to add with GOG by entering the key; but when i want to enter the CD Key, GOG tells me that he doesn't recognize the key : "it doesn't look like a GOG key" something like that. I tried to enter the key on steam, but same problem. I even tried on Origin (yes i know that's useless), same problem.

Does someone has any hint on how to instal my game ?
Will I have to make an image of the installation CD on a USB key ?

Thank you for your answers my friends :D
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You can try to redeem the key here, if that does not work or you already tried that, the page also contains information about how you can get a new key.
Hey !

Thank you for your answer,.
Still the same problem with this page. I'm trying to get a new key. It should work , i hope.

Thank you ! :)
You're welcome. :-)
Hello !

Just to notice that i've received my new key.

Thank you once again for yuour help :)