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I've advertised The Witcher series to one of my friends recently, and was appalled when he told me that the sluggish mouse in menus was still an issue this late after release.

You adjust mouse sensitivity for the menus, it messes it up in-game. You adjust it for comfortable movement in-game, you despair as you slowly drag your mouse across the interface screens.

Essentially we've got a PC game that's only playable with a controller. Congrats, beloved champions of PC development!

It's nice to have an enhanced edition and everything, but if CD Projekt really cares about its game, its reputation and its customers, how can they leave a horribly unusable UI in their game? I know I'm gonna seriously hesitate to buy The Witcher 3 or anything else from them (and definitely not preorder like I did with TW2) if they abandon the game like this.

Please just put one of your devs on the task of providing different mouse sensitivity in-game and in-menus, and end this mess.

EDIT: This guy details the problem much better than I could:

Seriously, fix it. It's rip-your-own-eyes-off annoying, enough that I can't bring myself to finish the game.
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If you want this to actually be seen, it's probably better to post it on the main forum:

But prepare for some valiant defenses of the game if you don't word yourself a bit more carefully. Much like Bioware's forums, that place has slid into blind apologist love.
Isn't it some kind of bug or something along those lines? I've never had an issue with mouse sensitivity in menus. And no, I'm not an apologist, I have genuinely never experienced such a thing, and certainly not to the level of unplayability - and none of the people from the circle that I 'know of' had any issue with it either.
It's a result of the mouse cursor being software emulated, so the game doesn't use your hardware mouse with its normal snappy, responsive feel.

If you turn all graphic settings to the minimum and use a very small resolution you will see the mouse performance increase (this is by no means a solution). So, as the poster said in that other thread, it's tied to the performance of the game on your system, although you can have the game run quite smoothly (40-50fps) and still have that awful sluggish mouse.

This and the entire UI gives you the feeling CDPR was preparing it for a console port. We ended up with a hybrid interface that's not particularly pleasing to either PC or console gamers.

I disagree that you will be unfairly regarded on The Witcher Forums if you criticize the game (especially the UI and HUD). I've been in a few discussions about it there and even the big fans tend to agree they were poorly designed.
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