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Well to those that are "stuck" with the censored version and feel cheated, I don't think much was "censored" per se tbh if the news about the censorship were to be true, I personally don't even know which part was "censored", but you can always just get it off torrent and use your own bought cd-key in order to play it. That way you are not technically pirating the game and you get the uncensored version. In case you are wondering... Yes, the cd-keys for the Australian version works fine with the US or any version games apparently.

I won't provide any links (not that it's hard to find these days), coz I am sure I am violating forum rules in some way by suggesting this, but in no way am I supporting piracy and I am just suggesting a way to circumvent this unnecessary inconvenience placed on the NZ gamers because CDProjekt couldn't bother to differentiate between Australia and New Zealand. No offence CDProjekt, I still love your game XD
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Okay. So where is my "unofficial" Uncersored Fan patch?
I dont think anything was actually "censored" you just dont get to choose to have sex as a reward, they get around offering this choice to the player by making him have sex by default.