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DirtyMatty: can someone also help me aswell? i spent alot of time (not money tough because i bought the games on the summer sale) to get all the goodies in tw1 (i have almost 100 hours in steam) and i cant get passed the effin kayran bcuz my pc is shite lol
edit: here's the link if any kind soul would be willing to help me :D
olnorton: There you go, don't forget to loot the Kayran.
you a rockstar man, you just saved my entire summer, i thought for sure that i was going back to college without finishing the second one, thank you soooo much :D
My current issue is I cannot even get to the swamp where the Kayran is. Even though I have been there once before with Triss.
Sile tells me to go down the swamp whilst she stays on bridge and summons it.

Actually, that was easy to solve, good old YouTube! :) Made me jealous of the video makers frame rates though!

Dropped the difficulty, turned that QTE difficulty thing off too, reduced the res to 1280x1024 (big frame increase). Though it is just playable for me on 1920 res it was laggy while fighting this Kayran with it's 2 trillion polygons!
Drank Mongoose, Gadwall and Tawny Owl potions. Kept casting Quen and Yrden (a rather spray and pray approach at that) and with luck did it on the second try. Take out three tentacles while watching out for when the "hammer the right mouse button" indicator comes on (that means that green goo has you trapped and right mouse chops you out of it) then when Kayran starts lobbing rubble at you. Wait behind that big piece of the bridge then run up the left hand side and it should all cut scene and win from there.

Hope that helps someone! I was expect some REAL shit from this mission!

WHAT? Is THAT all that ponce of a merchant gives you as a reward?

PS/ What is this QTE? And that "Quen" sign...... I just followed the YT vid's advice, but I've no idea what Quen really does.

PPS/ You are not going to believe this! Just five hours after posting this I had just started Chapter 2. Finishing the bit where you fight as Prince Stennis and the next battle between Geralt, Iorveth et all vs a load of zombie warriors. Cue cut scene, this eagle or something flies out the sky...... big magical nuke like explosion, everything turns yellow........ stays that way. I could tell by the sounds that were still running but "warped" that this was somekind of hardware crash. Seemed like a GPU crash at the time. I had to switch the PC off at the plug though, it wouldn't respond to anything else. Rebooted........ "please insert boot drive"....... the internal harddrive was making faulty "clicking and grinding" noises though. It's failed! Taking ALL my Witcher 2 progress with it. I have no cloud saves as I don't use GOG Galaxy.
Everything important is backed up on several external drives and memory stick AFAIK. But those drives are getting old. As old as the internal drive that's just borked (about 6 years). The odd thing is it happening at the "spectatular GFX magic explosion in that cut scene"! Surely it can't actually BE Witcher 2 that's blown the drive? Can it? Nah, that makes no sense....... but it happened just as that "big magical nuke" in the cut scene detonated. Arouses ones suspicions!
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I'm stuck as well been trying for 6 weeks to kill the damn thing keep getting close but always end up dying, any help appreciated

here's my latest saved game file
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rorschach999: Hiya

I'm stuck as well been trying for 6 weeks to kill the damn thing keep getting close but always end up dying, any help appreciated

here's my latest saved game file
There you go.
Make sure you loot the Kayran