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Game freezes as i finish the fight in the ghostly battlefield, loading and exiting also causes freezes. I tried both gog.and steam version. If anyone can send me a save file that sides with roche, i would be very thankful.
Here's one at the very beginning before the negotiations (in case the problem is a corrupt save): Link

Here's a quicksave after getting through the mist, right after getting back to Henselt's camp: Link

And here's a large pack of saves from Roche's path. There are ones from throughout the entire game, so it's a bit spoilerish if you haven't beaten the game yet. Once you do, however, it should make it easier to go back and play Iorveth's path without having to replay the beginning again, or test out different choices in certain parts.

All saves should be level 1 on Dark difficulty. You should be able to level up (if you try while it's on Dark mode, remember that you have to meditate first) and change the difficulty to whatever you want. Hopefully that helps.