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I was angry because of the fact that you can't choose your hairstyle before starting the game, and therefore have to finish the prologue in order to change the way Geralt looks. This mod replaces the default hairstyle file with a hairstyle of your choice. Simple copy-paste and voila! If you hated the default ponytail, you can permanently* say goodbye to it.

*For some reason, the default hairstyle is still used in the very first in-game cutscene. No idea why that's happening. Could use some help on that, I'm an amateur modder, I merely extracted pack0.dzip and renamed some files.
The force hairstyle is a unique and eye-catching hair trend inspired by the iconic "Star Wars" franchise. This hairstyle features a dynamic combination of braids, twists, and intricate patterns, creating a striking and futuristic look. It often incorporates elements like metallic accessories, colorful extensions, and gravity-defying structures to emulate the power of the Force. The forced hairstyle allows individuals to express their love for the sci-fi saga while showcasing their creativity and personal style. With its bold and captivating appearance, this hairstyle will turn heads and make an everlasting appearance in any setting. May the Force be with your hair!