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archaven: Come on now.. most probably not a Bioware employee.. perhaps is a Bioware fanboy that is angered that why Witcher2 OWNS Dragon Age 2 that hard...
A Bioware employee already got caught posting favorable GUSHING reviews for DA2 a while back. So it is possible. I agree it's probably just a fanboy though.
The first time I played Dragon age 2 I was like WTF? It looked exactly like the Witcher 1. It was dissapointing how Bioware copied the witcher. DA2 was also so much shorter than the witcher 1. I also played Dragon age origins and it had so many bugs and I didn't like the gameplay mechanics. So I stopped playing after 2 hours. The only things I liked in DA2 was voice overs and errorless gameplay. I look forward playing Witcher 2 :)
I'm not surprised by this - trolls are a reality of any rating/comment system anywhere. Doesn't really matter, if he's a Bioware employee or not, cause those guys are human, too... and are certainly not flawless. If he really were an employee, however, I strongly doubt he acts on behalf of Bioware there.

It's funny, though - while this guy is bashing the game way before actually having a chance to play it, some of you guys are practicing the other extreme: praising it like it's the second coming of Jesus Christ or something, that it completely destroys Dragon Age or whatnot.

I'm wondering - you're saying that because of the pretty trailers or did YOU actually had a chance to play through Witcher 2 already? And why do you complain about the one really negative review, while there's a whole bunch of perfect 10s in there as well? I guess as long as those idiots agree with your opinion, you don't complain, eh?

Not bashing the game, though... I hope it's as brilliant as most Witcher-fans make it out to be. I'll just hold my judgement - ANY judgement - until I've actually played through a fair potion of the game.
mamad2020: The first time I played Dragon age 2 I was like WTF? It looked exactly like the Witcher 1.
Uhm, we sure have played different games then.
juice99: Oh, and when EA was asked to comment, they shrugged and said, "It's just business."
Corporate motherfuckers :/

Let’s just hope that their image suffers from that move.