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I installed the Linux version of Witcher 2 on Debian 11. I made sure to install the required Linux libraries listed on the game's page. The launcher starts, but the actual game will not start and causes this error: "ERROR - eON failed to initialise!"

After some research I saw that there's an error log for this ominous "eON". This is the content:

cat ~/.local/share/cdprojektred/witcher2/eon.txt
[thread ffffffff][I][6]: Log system initialised
[thread ffffffff][I][26]: Default allowed number of simultaneously open files in the system is 1024.
[thread ffffffff][I][26]: Current memlock limit is 761806848.
[thread ffffffff][I][26]: setrlimit(RLIMIT_MEMLOCK) failed, (1) Operation not permitted
[thread ffffffff][I][32]: setup_teb_register() - using LDT entry 13
[thread 00000001][I][80]: Creating OpenGL Core context failed
[thread 00000001][I][81]: Creating OpenGL 2.1 context failed
[thread 00000001][E][81]: Failed to initialise OpenGL context!
[thread 00000001][E][81]: PrepareOpenGLDisplayInformation() failed!!

What can I do to start the game without the error?
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Solved: I found out I had to do

sudo apt install nvidia-driver-libs:i386