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Performance improves dramatically at lower resolutions. Of course, this has the side effect of making things look really, really blurry, but oh well.

Considering that the 460m is a pretty sweet card--even if it isn't desktop caliber--I've got some hope that things will improve in future driver updates and patches.
@ greenfish
well you are using a laptop with an outdated card

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ARustyFirePlace: @ greenfish
well you are using a laptop with an outdated card

The card is similar to a desktop 9800GT, the 285 is "slightly" better. I've seen people with 9800 or 9500gt getting a lot better fps.

I can play crysis 2, all stalker games, metro 2033 and other games at my native resolution 1680x1050 with medium to high settings.
turns out to be slightly choppy for the few minutes that I played the intro... It defaulted to "medium" settings which I've currently left it at. Should be able to get it running a bit higher settings and smoother but that will have to wait for later...

Couldn't register the game as it kept telling that my username was invalid and that the email addy didn't exist, but I know both are correct and double checked by looking up the email from registering TW1... oh well, just try again tomorrow or in a few days.
Heard some whisperings that the 266 drivers fixed up performance, despite their age. Just tried it, no difference, so don't bother.