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awi5951: Hey guys my game is running like crap. I got the newest drivers and the game is running at like 8 to 10 fps on ultra. The game auto detected my system as ultra but it wont run even if i turn crossfire off there isnt any diffrence in fps. I turned it to high it runs better but still bad my system can handle more than that i know i have a quad phenom 2 945 at 3.0gigs. So whats wrong with my game?
Ultra setting is the absolute starkers GPU setting. Running it on high should still give you an absolutely gorgeous game. Give it a try and see how it looks.

EDIT: It's late here in Warsaw. Looking your post over again, I'd suggest turning off the DOF settings. Also, what's your video card?
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awi5951: Its the sapphire 4870x2 crossfired with a 4870 1gig .
Oh, that was in the subject line, wasn't it? >.<

There's some issues with crossfire. Check 'em out in the forum here and, if that doesn't help, get a ticket in to support.