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I am able to reproduce this issue 100% of the time, I am patched to 1.1 and it didn't make a difference. I've attached a save file at the bottom of the post if anyone else wants to test it.

It seems when you issue many commands at once, the game completely locks you out of making any actions except bringing up the ESC menu and moving the camera around. This happens to me when I use alot of bombs and spam R repeatedly. I just got done beating a spider and right as I killed him the bug happened. I thought I would save the game and reload to fix it but that didn't work, when I load I can't do anything but move the camera around. Closing out of the game and going back in and even restarting computer make no difference.

I'm quite concerned that this bug isn't even acknowledged by the devs, doing a random google search I found people on other forums reporting the same thing.

Here is a save file from the game, anyone should be able to reproduce what I'm describing here by loading this save:

You'll have to unzip it and put it in your saved files directory. When you load this save you will see you can't move at all.
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I've had the same thing especially when using R to throw bombs against a group.

I've also had freezes when coming out of the Esc menu and being unable to draw my sword for several seconds.
its in the readme of the game as a known issue.

Devs no about it so I assume it will be patched as soon as possible maybe 1.2 or 1.3.....