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Important updates
>> ATI is working on a hotfix for TW2
>> NVIDIA release beta version of drivers that fixes some issues with TW2 and 3D Vision


* No support for resolutions other than 16:9

- This WILL be resolved in one of future patches.

* Game does not work in high resolutions

- Update graphics card drivers
- Lower details and/or window mode
- Lower screen resolution and run game in the same res

* Problems with performance on ATI graphics cards

- Switch to window mode
- Disable Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering and adaptive Anti-Aliasing in Catalyst Control Center

*Problems with performance on NVIDIA graphics cards

- Reinstall drivers WITHOUT 3D Vision
- Try installing the new beta 275.27 driver

* Multiple monitors

- workaround: leave only one monitor plugged in


* No sound

- Switch to 5.1 or stereo mode
- Disable all sound devices except for your headphones / speakers

*Problems with Logitech G35 Headset ( or in general any headset with built-in sound card )

> Access the Realtek HD Audio Control panel and there change the onboard sound from 7.1 to 5.1. Windows XP: Start menu/ Control panel/ Sound, speech, and audio devices/
> Change speaker settings/ Audio/ Advanced/ Speaker setup (select 2.0 or stereo). This will work with the G35 drivers installed.
> Uninstall your G35 drivers this will default them to stereo, however, to be sure it is stereo go into Control Panel/ Hardware and Sound/ Sound/ right click on the G35 then select configure at the bottom of this window click on Speak configuration then select stereo. After uninstalling you might want to use register-cleaning software to
remove the G35's driver fragments.


* Limited configuration options for keyboard. No invert mouse option

- This WILL be fixed in a future patch


*"Access Denied" error while running the installer manually despite having UAC off and running as admin OR lack of response when trying to install the game from downloader

- Run the installer in compatibility mode with windows XP

*Internal error at *chinese characters* C:/Users/[Username]/AppData/Local/Temp/pat5b0A.tmp, line 76069016 or similar OR Installer does not install launcher.exe

- Install the game outside Program Files directory


* Connection problem

Open Internet Explorer and make sure that it isn't running in Offline Mode.
If that doesn't help, make sure that Internet Explorer is even using your Internet connection (try opening any website). It it isn't working, try enabling this setting:
Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN -> Automatically detect settings.


* Launcher keeps redownloading DLCs

- Close launcher and run patcher.exe from game directory. That should reset launcher settings.


* w1import.dll error

- Download [url=]THIS [/url]file and paste it into "bin" directory

* General problems with loading saves

- Make sure saves are from Order of Flaming Rose or Ice Plains. They have to be copied to My Documents\The Witcher\saves

* Saves from TW1 got bugged and can't be loaded even thought the above is true

- Our users found a fix for it HERE
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