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I'm not sure, if this the correct board....but i hope.

I ordered The Witcher 2 as a european custumer, so i get two store credits. The 5.99$ i used for a game, all okay. But now, im trying the 9.99$ gift-code. I click in the mail on "Redeem" and the link to the 9.99 cataloge and on the bottom, i found Witcher 1 for 4.99$ (why it wasn't in the 5.99$ catalogue).
If i select it, on the top i found a button "grab for free - download now" but if i click this, i will redirect to a checkout and should pay 5$ :(
Is it because its less than 9.99$ and the code doesn't work or make i something fron or is it a bug in the store?
you cant use the code to buy witcher 1 until the witcher 1 is not on sale anymore

may24th I think


i think if you email support, they can work something out for you
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I've mailed with support - they told me to send them the code and what game I wanted (which I've done), but so far no luck. I'd really like to play TW1 first, but I have the shiny new TW2 sitting ready to play... maybe I should just shell out the 5$ and get TW1 now :/

It's $4.99 right now, the $9.99 would make you pay more, I'm guessing that's the problem.