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We are pleased to inform you that achievements have now been added to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition on GOG.
This update offers you the opportunity for an enhanced gameplay journey as you accomplish various feats, showcasing your prowess in the world of Geralt of Rivia. We hope you enjoy this addition to the game!

Please note this update concerns the Windows version only.
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Great work guys!! I remember early on in Galaxy's life there were achievements for the game but were never fully implemented, super happy that they're finally available!
If we load an old save, will that register some Achievements as Completed?
pigulici: If we load an old save, will that register some Achievements as Completed?
Only some of them, so if you're shooting for 100% you'll still have to replay the game.
Is the overlay implemented in this game i.e. do we get pop-ups or are they gonna register in the background like with Deus Ex: Revision? I don't get an overlay and I don't have the means to test in a windows environment currently.

Btw, Since Galaxy 2.0.58 update or so, I won't get an overlay on Cyberpunk (all DX12 games, I suspect) either any longer. I'm on Linux and it previously worked just fine but since that update I just get a default cursor with no way to interact when I shift-tab and no pop-ups. This just FYI. Would be great if you could look into it.

DX11 games work fine with the overlay, even with a dx9 to 11 wrapper.

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Any reason why the offline installer is 2 GB bigger than the previous (a) version? Achievement support and improved controller support doesn't really explain that.
Holy shit, time for a replay. Thank you for finally adding them!