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As part of the edition of the Witcher, I got the original short story to read.

Does this story spoil any of the plot of The Witcher (and, as such, should only be read after the game), or does it actually add to the atmosphere to read it first?


P.S. Please don't post specifics or spoilers in this thread; like I said, the whole point of this is to get through the game as spoiler-free as possible. :P
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Definitely read it first, there are no spoilers. In fact, having read the story will help when playing the game because you will have some background.

EDIT: I actually think that both the Witcher and the Witcher 2 take place after ALL of the books, but I'm not sure since I've only read that first short story that came with the Witcher.
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The intro movie is based on the short story. It's worth reading the story first just to have some background on how he came to fight the striga, and to see how well the animators brought the story to life. Otherwise, there's nothing to be spoiled by reading that or any of the other Witcher stories, since they all take place several years before the first game.
Alright, thanks for the info! Good to know. :)