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Hi, all Witcher 1 mods (Total of 104) released here:

This includes lost mods like Flash mod, FCR etc.

Thanks Flix for giving me these mods.
grinninglich: Hi, all Witcher 1 mods (Total of 104) released here:

This includes lost mods like Flash mod, FCR etc.

Thanks Flix for giving me these mods.
Hey - do you have anything to do with that site?

I've recently downloaded the Witcher for the first time, and keen to use the mods. I've tried to sign up to kirmizi perfect, but I'm not receiving any validation email :/

Have checked my spam and other folders and no sign :(

edit: was contacted directly by admin of kirmiziperfect, who went above and beyond to make sure I got the reply - there was a problem with hotmail eating our messages. Have now signed up using a gmail account, and very happily downloading the witcher mods. Highly recommend any other GOGers out there to take a look.
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I'm playing Witcher 1 for the second time and just noticed these mods.

I read the guide, Installing the Best Mods.

Should I simply download and run every one?

Because I can't really see which are more important.

I have a pretty good PC i7, 4Ghz, 15Gb RAM, GTX 760 GPU. W10.

I have just downloaded and run the first, The 4GB Patch and it returned and error.

Anyone have any advice?

Are these mods of any use for W10 systems?
The links in the OP aren't working anymore and that external list isn't very useful.
Other sites have mods&patches that seem outdated.

I'm looking for mods that don't alter completely the experience.

Mainly those which:
1- fix bugs and errors (e.g: community patches).
2- improve unconvient features (e.g: bigger inventory, UI fix, no cheats).

And maybe that secondly:
A- enhance a bit the graphic, keeping the original style (e.g: faces, bodies, some bad textures).
B- carefully improve some characters interactions (NPCs, companions).
C- add a few exceptionally-crafted items or side quests (good story and places).

Any suggestion?


For now I'm checking these (valid for EE too?)
(links here)

- Overhaul Project
- Low Res Texture Fix
- Realistic Blood Effects
- Bigger Fonts for HighResolution Gaming
- Triss see through Black Nighty (hehe)
- TW1ENB (not sure about this)

- Alchemy Mod
- Plentiful Herbs
- Faster Movement Mod (but it's exaggerated even with the lowest %. I ended up modifying the 2 files myself)
- Swamp Access Storage
- Dentist_Storage_Act5
- Sex Takes Time (lol)
- Greater Item Stacking (more balanced than the 999 one)
- Permanent Bodies (a pair of files conflict with other mods and should be removed)
- Many Items (cheaty, but contains "Stuff That Makes Geralt's Life Easier" that allows to meditate everywhere)

- 4gb patch (stopped the game from crashing!)
- Missing Kalkstein and Leuvaarden Clues Fix
- Leuvaarden Buys Salamandra Badges
- Han Gives Han NOT Berbercane
- Fair Kalkstein Mod
- Celina Wreath Fix

sadly, these aren't side-quests, but separated maps:
- And a Curse and Love and Betrayal
- The Crossroads
- Medical Problems 1 & 2
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OP has been updated. PM me if you have any improvements/additions as I rarely check these forums anymore. Cheers.
There's apparently a new version of Texturen mod (linked by OP in first post) released this year. But there's no info of if it actually changes anything. Sounds like it just is an updated installer. Don't know...
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I'm about to install the Enhanced Edition, and would like to make sure I get the best experience on my first time through the game, without going crazy on the mods. So what are the top five mods I should install?
And do I need to run the game through ModOrganizer or something, or just unload the mods in the game folder?
Adventures totally worth it are Price of Neutrality and Side Effects. Those are voiced and very well done. The only one I would recommend outside of these is Masquerade. It is extremely well done, fully voiced, LORE friendly and long fan made quest adventure. But it is not included in EE, just look it up online.