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Hi all!

After about a week of emailing the GoG and Witcher support people, and about two and a half hours of messing around with the The Witcher in-game settings, I finally got the game to run on my two month old iMac.

I am sure there's a way to get the game to run in better quality, however as a non-tech-savy individual this is what worked for me. I hope all my frustration in getting to this point can help someone else :)

(And if you know how to get the game to visually run better please post below. :) )


STEP 1: "Minimum system requirements not met"

Just follow the easy directions at:

STEP 2: Change the resolution

Start the game and change the game resolution to 1024x768. In my experience this is the only resolution to run fullscreen without any visual issues such as black sword swings, missing cutscenes, or floating heads. (Do not try to use 2560x1440, it makes the game crash upon loading. I was only able to get the game going again after deleting the game and reinstalling it.)

STEP 3: Exit the game

Completely exit out of the game.
(When I tried playing immediately after I was plagued with the black sword swings attached below.)

STEP 4: Select "New Game"

Reopen the game and select "New Game." It should run fine albeit at a lower than desirable resolution.


I tried to play the game at each resolution and ran into a myriad of visual issues. When I had the "Advanced" options set to choices higher than the default "Low" settings, I was unable to get the game to run correctly on any resolution including 1024x768. At this resolution the game played fine, but the cutscenes were entirely black.
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Thanks to you, I've had some success running the game, but I can't complete the prologue.

When you take the young non-Witcher guy into the lab and happen upon two villainous characters talking, their models are mostly invisible and the game crashes a few seconds into the cutscene. I've tried many times, but the game crashes again and again at the same spot.

I was wondering if you had any tips?

EDIT: Was able to make it past this part by reloading a previous save and playing through again, but I've got a new problem (after having to reload the game a few times due to more invisible people and textures not appearing)!

Every time I drink a potion, or a debuff is put on my character, my screen goes black. The HUD still exists, and so do damage indicators and subtitles, but it's made combat nearly impossible. I can't beat either the mage or the monster in the courtyard because of this glitch.

ANOTHER EDIT: I managed to beat the mage without having to use a potion or getting debuffed, but now the game crashes to desktop during the dialogue after you meditate for the first time. I've tried numerous saves, I even went back and fought the frightener instead hoping it would yield different results. Nothing. Every time the game crashes.

At this point, is it even worth it? I can tell it's a really good game, and I paid money for it, but these problems are so hindering... Really wish there was just a way to---you know, play the game...
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Hi all!

I just, by flook, noticed that there was an update to my Witcher purchase.

I re-downloaded the game and re-installed it with the "the_witcher_2.2.0.7.dmg" file and it appears to run perfectly again!
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