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pigdog: Two issues here:

Why the offensive language in a game when it's not a) necessary to the plot and b) It means that the game can't be played with say, kids around.

I can get b) but it can't be difficult to have a "mature contents off" option which would resolve this problem. Come on developers, it may even widen your audience...

As for the card collecting being offensive, I'm no more offended as, let's say an older generation of male gamer, would be at an all-boy band using suggestive movements at a concert aimed at a target audience of mid-late teenage girls.
Well it is a double edge sword case these days.

On one side as an artist you have a right to maintain the look and feel of your work and have it “displayed” in the form it was intended to.
On the other hand every arm of entertainment industry faces pressure to make more money and therefore tailor the content of their products for a wider audience.

In the end I believe the right spot (in my opinion) lies somewhere in a middle, though considerably closer to the first observation.
After all if we were prepared to compromise on everything in order to sell more of it, well would it really be a world we would want to live in?

Certain products are intended for mature audience, be that the Witcher games or Game of Thrones TV series. In said examples there is no need to compromise just because it would sell more and I whole heartily support and applaud said decisions.

Sometimes it is not that easy to introduce a filter into a game that would pacify the mature elements in order so it may be played in the presence of minors because and with respect to your option, some of us actually believe that the mature elements in the game are necessary to tell the story correctly…

Imagine what would happen to nightclubs if they suddenly decided to impose a strict rules on alcohol, clothing and language just so they could attract wider audience. They would turn into family restaurants :)

I appreciate that your circumstances may not permit you an easy time to play a mature game (though I admit I certainly do not know much about the said circumstances) but I do not have a magical solution to offer in this case...
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I didn't think that there were sex so much. I mean you could do the deed with a lots of women (and I did) but I mean it was not very much shown. Leisure suit larry shows more.
And if there are decapitations why not sex and little cursing.
Infact geralt curses less than me.
The cards? Well, a little nudity. Big whoop.
Avatara: Am I the only person whom thought that the cards were done to avoid doing a sex scene? They show the card and its fade to black. The other options is being they do the drawn out "teaser" sex scenes Example; dragon age sex scenes, or a gimmicky tactect to let you know they are getting it on (The rising and falling car,Really cheesy one liners,etc GTA )

I'd also like to point out that In my opinion, the developers never put the cards in the game to objectify women at all. I'm going to go as far as to say it probably never crossed their minds. Heck it never even occurred to me until I read the earlier comments.
yep, it was probably just way cheaper than making a full cut-scene every time.

as for diversity and hedonism comments--well, the devs are from eastern europe...
oh, and btw, in the books, Triss was crazy about Geralt, (but he didn't care about her because there was a certain someone), so her reactoin in the prologue is unsurprising.
fjdgshdkeavd: Direct quote: "Triss, I'm not ready to talk about the past." (and this guy's straight?)
It sound like a straight guy trying to dodge a bullet to me.
Talk to a women has expectations on you can be tricky. Especially if you don't want to fulfill her expectations and she can turn you into a frog.

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