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Changelog for update 3.2.0418 / GOG-11 (Windows) / GOG-? (Mac) / GOG-1 (Linux) (added 23 March 2017):

- Engine Update to Visionaire 4.2.5
- Added: Native Linux version on
- Fixed: Mouseclick input not being registered correctly on some systems
- Fixed: Steam Achievements not unlocking on Windows and Mac OS
- Added: GOG Galaxy Achievements
- Added: Launchoption to open the bonus content folder on Steam
- Fixed: Cracking soundsfiles on some soundcard / headset combinations
- Added: Missing subtitles and speechfiles in some languages
- Added: Missing developer comment speechfiles in some languages
- Fixed: Missing texts in the ingame achievement boxes
- Added: Daedalic ad banner in the main menu replacing the more games link
- Fixed: Odd behaviour of the main menu when holding the ESC key
- Fixed: Some developer comment texts displayed outside the slip of paper
- Fixed: Minor localization issues
- Added: Main menu and save menu button to the inventory
- Fixed: Several walkmap errors in some scenes
- Fixed: Clipping errors in some scenes
- Fixed: Last entry in the extras menu showing the wrong content
- Added: Missing hotspot marking on some objects and characters
- Fixed: Minor graphical errors in some backgrounds
- Fixed: Sadwick appearing black / too dark in some scenes
- Fixed: Sadwick being invisible for a short time during some animations
- Fixed: Sadwick and Spot being invisible after loading a savegame
- Fixed: Flickering minor character animations while talking
- Fixed: It's not possible anymore to open the inventory during a dialog using the mousewheel
- Fixed: Timetable notes not hidden when changing a room
- Fixed: Grandpa disappearing after returning from the woods
- Fixed: Looping Yaki sound in the menus
- Fixed: Disappearing Yaki animations when using savegames
- Fixed: Cogwheel soundeffects disappearing when returning from a menu
- Fixed: Skull riddle levers not reacting
- Fixed: Continue button in the save menu when using Russian language
- Fixed: Continue button in the main menu when using Italian language
- Fixed: Wrong subtitles in the Pipe minigame
- Fixed: Wrong sound effects when using the note in Shana's room
- Fixed: Gourney being invisible after loading a savegame
- Fixed: Mulachai not disappearing when using the autosave from the beginning of chapter 2
- Fixed: Spot being invisible when solving the elevator puzzle at the end of chapter 3
- Fixed: Missing stone hotspot during the skull puzzle on some systems
- Fixed: Animation errors when skipping the cage animations in the prison cell in chapter 4
- Fixed: Minigame skip button still available after solving the pipe minigame
Thank you very much for the linux version!
Hey, did anyone else notice that they completely botched the tutorial's texts with this update, and they now belong to the tablet version and not to the PC version? :D

They also introduced a new bug which affects Ben's chores list (found in the drawer in the first screen), which at least on Steam was fixed in version 3.2.0419 -

Another new problem that I've noticed - the end credits now roll much faster, which causes some of the pictures that accompany the credits not to appear. You can see the complete picture set in this YouTube Let's Play video (of version -

By the way, none of these problems occurred in the original release of the game.
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Changelog for Patch 3.2.0419 (added 23 March 2017):

- Fixed: Continue button in menus not being active when expected
- Fixed: Ben's chores note disappearing shortly after looking at it