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Dear fellow Textorcists,

One year ago to the day we released The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia and we are still hyped and amazed on how many of you joined Ray in his mission to fight and banish the forces of evil. Today´s posting is therefore dedicated to all of you brave and skilled supporters and we at MorbidWare and Headup want to say “Thank you”! You made this world a little less evil and a lot more Ray!

But there is more, we like to introduce you all to an all new boss fight – can you collect all stone fragments, withstand the gaze and grip of “The Beholder” and finally unlock the cardinal stole?

Find out yourself and download the free content update “The Textorcist: An Ineffable Plan” today!

Matteo, Diego, Giuseppe
Do you plan to add achievements to the game?
Thank you
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