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I've been frustrated by the lack of a proper saved game function in this game. I thought it was a fluke the first time I lost progress, so I took to frequently backing up the PlayerProfile.dat file to ensure I would not lose progress. Nevertheless, again I come back today and have lost a bunch of progress for no apparent reason and have to replay puzzles I just solved yesterday. Is this a known issue?

Also strange, it created two profile folders for me, The Talos Principle\UserData\46988348122871883 and another one The Talos Principle\UserData\0

It looks like the game might be getting confused.
Post edited March 18, 2023 by jjj123456
Oh, I see...

If I have GOG Galaxy running, it finds my profile number and uses that as the folder name.

If GOG Galaxy isn't running, then it puts 0 as the folder name.

Doesn't tell the user. Doesn't let them choose. What a design decision...

Jeez. I hope this helps the next guy.
Same here.

Someone else ?

It’s still very boring ! I find scattered testimonials on various forums but never any solution and above all, it is NOT a recurring subject ! Do the developers only have the info?

It’s a pity, I really liked the game and, for a saving problem I will never know what is at the top of the tower. : -(

How to reach Croteam? Is there a "Bug Report" somewhere?