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Was there a certain order that I was supposed to play the games chapters in? Because I get the feeling that I should've followed each of the five main 'Transmitter' chapters with the coresponding 'Placebo' chapter, rather than do all of the former first and follow it up with the latter. Not that they're terrible, but compared to the wild, varied feel of 'Transmitter', 'Placebo' is kind of driving me mad with how repetitive it is. I'll be sure to see it through, and I understand that it's 'another point of view' of the storyline in general, but I get the feeling that it could've been done a bit more gracefully.

But enough of my bad opinions, what did you think? Play one story and then the other (like I did), or alternate between the two stories? Opinions on the game are more than welcome too!
I did the same as you did and hadn't really noticed the Placebo chapters. I still enjoyed it a lot in this order but it probably works best alternating.

I really enjoyed the game although I bought the LRG release not the GOG one so sadly ended up with a Steam key.