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I've seen this asked a couple other places but it drives me crazy if this is how it's intended and not a serious bug. Almost unplayable for me it's so frustrating.

The bottom left corner where hero's speaks I can't scroll my mouse like 3 inches on the bottom and 2 inches on left side and whenever a resource box is open I can't scroll the entire bottom area where box is open. I can scroll fine on the bottom right side corner where mini map is.

This must be a bug? I can't see this being intended this way when it's such an easy fix to move the hero box a smidge to the right and bottom box up a bit to not block the edge scrolling.

Does everyone have this issue and just never report it much. I've tried every combination of resolutions and aspect ratio's thinking they were just off screen but nope.

Any fix for this?
Post edited October 09, 2019 by Ranger_Strider