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Enjoying the game but I've run into several issues.

I can't seem to get ships to work. When I try to send out an expedition, none of the direction arrows work. I was able to finish all the scenarios anyway but feel like I am missing a big part of the game.

Eventually the event notices stop coming up. I hear the sounds but nothing new appears on the list at upper left. This is not very serious as I can exit the game, fire it back up again and continue, and the notices work again.

On the solo freeplay scenarios the battles get very easy. Turns out when I look at the statistics that the computer players never produce any coin. Is there a fix?
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When the AI takes all the ports, then you can't send out ships anymore. You can check with the cheat "ShowMeTheWorld" after hitting Enter, if that was true.

On the top left corner there are 4 notification groups which you can hide and restore the notifications. And with Y you can hide the whole HUD.
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