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While the Liux version of this game is available on pretty much all the other stores, it isn't on GOG. As such, I had to use Wine to play it.

It works fine, but I can't save, as form some reason the game won't get any input from the keyboard to specify the name of the savegame and the game won't save until you specify one.

Did anyone encounter the same issue and fix it? There apparently is no page on AppDB for this game.
And GOG, *please* make the Linux version available here as well: I really don't know why we always must pray for this when the work is already done.
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Just as an update and a FYI to others experiencing the same issue, I got the keyboard to work by switching from fullscreen to windowed.
I had this issue when using anti-aliasing in full-screen, but typing worked fine when using nearest-neighbour in full screen. You can change this by running winsetup.exe in the installation directory.

Otherwise no issues with wine.