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The game starts (I assume) because the audio kicks in and is playing along to what I think is opening music. But my screen is totally black. When I switch to the Task Manager I see a flash of the game screen at some super low res (640x480?). Anyone see this/overcome it?

I'm running it "As Admin", and the system is a Laptop with Win7 Pro 64-bit.

Found the solution. Ran winsetup.exe from the game's main folder. This let me change to using "Direct3D 9" instead of "DirectDraw 5".

I was also able to change the the next neighbor/antialias settings providing a much clearer picture and higher resolution (2x results in 640x480, 3x results in 960x720, 4x results in 1280x960). I also activated "Side borders on widescreen monitors" and "Force alternate letterbox resolution"
Post edited January 07, 2016 by chricton