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gagcom: For a singleplayer game you do not need a game to ask you for a internet connection... More details what data is collected and abused is written in terms of service... They own you(r data). Since you don't own the game.
On that we agree.

Which is why I buy the games I like on GoG, and utterly refuse to even consider using Steam for anything. As for the games I am more "meh" towards (like The Riftbreaker initially, as I wanted to try it before I buy it - and I haven't bought it yet), I find a .torrent of them instead, and preferably a GoG version so there's no suspect .dll's or .exe's or firewall exclusions I need to implement.

The OST or DLCs also usually comes in a .torrent. I hold 205 games (265 a year later) to my name here on GoG, so I don't feel bad about pirating a few on occasion (which is pretty much a requirement these days, since game developers are no longer held to finish a game before they release them) - and if I like the game, like Cyberpunk (once it was actually mostly fixed and on 50 % sale), I buy it.

And I download everything and keep things locally and offline on my 40 TB file server (72 TB a year later) in my home (separate closed, wired LAN) so I won't have to touch the GoG client as all, which guaranteed saves telemetry data as a minimum (aka spying). And any form of cloud storage, which I've seen argued as a positive, is just data theft waiting to happen.

As for The Riftbreaker game itself, I will buy it the moment I figure out the cause - and find a workaround - to the late game stuttering I have described here:

I work with IT. Some network security paranoia comes with the job.
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chotnik: It's you who demand them to support W7, 12 year old OS. Each OS version adds to development and testing time.
About "development and testing time" - I'll try to be polite, so: if you DO believe it, you must believe in Santa Claus.
gagcom: Open source it and people will see the horrible code. Geolocating your PC for a single player game.
Is this true?