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I'm having a lot of stuttering issues to the point of the game being unplayable. It appears that a decent number of people are having the same problem with the steam version. No fix was listed there. I don't suppose anyone has heard of one?
As expected, the tech support is the usual stuff everyone coughs up, and as usual it does no good at all.

But in a effort to help everyone speed up their attempts at getting this game or others to run I'm posting it here.

Please follow these troubleshooting steps:
1) Please make sure that you use "Run as Administrator" to install and to start the game (right-click on the shortcut or setup file and select "Run as Administrator"). If you are using Galaxy, then make sure to run Galaxy as Administrator.

2) Please reinstall the game AND add it to your anti-virus/firewall software's exception/trusted list. Simply disabling firewall or AV software could not be enough, since some of these software are running still in background or in services list. If you are using Galaxy, then please add Galaxy as well.

3) Reinstall the June 2010 DirectX runtime package. You can find the archive file containing the 2010 package installation files here:

You will have to extract the files into some folder, then open that folder and launch the DXSETUP.exe file in order to proceed with the installation.

After that please download and install DirectX Web Installer:

Please have in mind that this will only add DirectX 9.0c to available pool of DirectX libraries, and it will not overwrite your other versions. Some games are not able to utilize newer DirectX libraries, and they require DirectX 9.0c.

4) Please update your graphics device drivers (please use stable drivers, because we are unable to support beta drivers, do not use auto-detect tool):

5) Please reinstall Visual C++ 2013 SP1 Redistributable Packages:
after pressing Download select both:

6) Maybe you have some settings forced on your graphics device in Catalyst Control Center. If so then try to reset them:
I) Right-click on your desktop and select Catalyst Control Center.
II) Click on the "Preferences".
III) From dropdown list select "Restore Factory Defaults" and accept it.