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This update showed up around 12 June 2015. The file name is setup_the_masterplan_2.2.0.3. The original installer was setup_the_masterplan_2.0.0.1

Version 1.0.2 Changelog

- Fixed a "Null Object Reference" crash caused by the field of view system.
- Melee attacks don't use projectiles any more to cause damage. Damage is caused instantly to the correct target.
- All characters can now walk through each other and your own characters do not even try to avoid each other when pathfinding.
- Fixed an issue where clerks, customers and guards would not get aggressive/panic when witnessing suspicious activity if the police have been called.
- Added flag "-textureQuality=number" where number can be 1, 2, 3, 4. Default is 4 and that's the max. Minimum is 1. Reduces texture memory usage and might be worth a try if you have trouble booting up the game or entering a level.
- Reduced the number of memory allocations during runtime, reducing the amount of memory the game leaks and thus reduced the amount of memory related crashes.
- Fixed an issue where an item could not be picked up if too close to a static obstacle, such as a table.
- Fixed an issue where an additional horse mask would appear on the Horseplay if the horse guy had been killed previously.
- Fixed pathfinding issues caused by path nodes appearing on too narrow places, such as near the counter on Minimart.
- Fixed the character movement mode getting stuck if a user issued mouse up and mouse down events on the same frame(was happening often when playing with a touchpad).
- Fixed the issue where a locked grouped door(A) couldn't be unlocked after locking the group's other door(B) while the other door(A) was wide open.
- Removed "Powered" text from circuits.
- Safecracker can now be unlocked and bought from store.
- Changed the sound effects from breaking walls.
- Fixed groups in some double doors to lock/unlock with a single action.
- Changed the inaccessible area behind the front desk in Police Station.
- Fixed Jewelry Store spawning old items on top of jewelry displays.
- Removed phone from Suspicious Alley.
- Added extra empty space around Jewelry Store.
- Changed Hideout table collider sizes.