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While I'm quite happy with the versions of LoM I'm familiar with, I'm still happy to see a new remake come out, and I'll gladly check out the new features. Mostly, the map. On Commodore 64 and in DOS I was used to "knowing" the map by knowing which route leads where rather than having an overhead image. So it's an interesting change. I had a taste of that with the Midnight Engine, which had a truly excellent map, but I don't mind trying another take.

So, OK, I'm slowly getting over the horror of realizing this is a mobile game. Even so, there are some ways in which this game is less functional than, or has problems compared to, the original (or the DOS conversion). I hope nobody minds a little tough love from an old gamer:

1. In the character selection screen, normal UI keyboard shortcuts need to be turned off. Some characters cannot be selected using their keys due to this: trying to select Shadows (E) brings me to the Look screen, Brith (U) causes Night, etc.

2. It's also impossible to select a character using M + keyboard shortcut if he's following someone else. Why not? There are good reasons to want to do this: to check on their energy level and have them find Shelter or Waters of Life, for example.

3. It seems I can't use the numpad to turn around, like in Midnight Engine or the DOS version.

The only shortcuts are SHIFT + 1 to 8, which is extra inconvenient (in the original version you at least didn't need the SHIFT key). This is obviously a consequence of allowing actions such as Seek and Hide on the Look screen. But it's possible to distinguish Num1 from normal 1, so it should still be possible to implement numpad directions.

4. Moving and turning around with arrow keys is sloooooooooooow.

Doing a 180 takes like 2-3 seconds. Moving a character fully takes about 4-5. Playing a turn with 32 lords takes much longer than it should. In DOS I moved as fast as I typed! This game feels so sluggish...

5. The savegame system is more restrictive than in the past. What's up with that? In the Dos version I've saved a number of savegames of interesting situations (such as decisive battles, speedrun milestones etc.) for permanent keep - not gonna be able to do something similar here without messing around directly with the files and folders.

6. The combat algorithm seems drastically different, see my other topic. This makes moving armies through enemy territory MUCH safer, because your losses will be small even when overwhelmed by thousands. Conversely, it takes longer to chew through enemy armies when you're the one winning. Is this intended?

7. Unrecruited Lords don't get displaced to an adjacent space when losing battles, the way lords you control do. So when Korinel the Fey gets jumped by 12000 of the enemy (yes, this just happened in my game) right before I can get to him, he'll just stand there in his village for several days, until his guaranteed death. Originally defeated lords got displaced and you could recruit them.

Feature suggestions:

8. I like how the map updates with the location of horses, etc. once you discover them. But it would be nice if that worked in all directions, without you having to physically turn the character to look at them. This is fair, because in principle I could check all directions every time I move without spending any movement points. Presumably the Lords have peripheral vision, and, while in the saddle, their necks and torsos can twist like those of regular mortals...

9. Cheat request: I know it's a long shot, but some kind of optional debug mode where we can see the entire map all the time would be nice. Just for the sheer pleasure of watching the avalange of Doomdark's armies as they go. Ideally in this debug mode Doomdark's armies would be numbered or something, like they are in WotS, so you could observe how specific units move. (Yeah, I learned to play this game blind, without even the map, like everyone else, but it would be fun to get a god's eye view.)

And some Super Trivial Nitpicks:

- Easter eggs toggle option would be nice.
- The "in memory of Mike Singleton" screen could use to be instantly skippable with a single click/space/escape/enter. You wouldn't want people to start associating the name you're trying to honor with being annoyed, now would you?

EDIT: I like the fact that you can get a combined victory where the game acknowledges both the destruction of the ice crown and the fall of Ushgarak. I wished for that when playing the 8-bit game!
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I shall take a look at better keyboard options in the next version.

in the latest version I have move the look and move to have an option like the Screen Transition option, which makes it back to flip screen.

The save game/story/undo was by choice... Mike and I decided this for a particular reason... you can read more about it here.

In the new version save games/undo will come under difficulty levels.

Covered in other posts.

I would consider this under the difficulty levels.

The blog post linked to above briefly mentions that I wanted to do a replay option. But I never got round to it. Maybe I will with the new version.

The In-Memory isn't really an Easter egg... have you found the actual Easter eggs?
But making it skipable is a fair point.
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icemarkuk: The In-Memory isn't really an Easter egg... have you found the actual Easter eggs?
I found the dude in the Forest of Dreams, and the Lith near where you find Fawkrin with the hardcoded Guidance about him. If there are more, I haven't found them.
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