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There is no version number in-game that I can see for The Lords of Midnight or Doomdark's Revenge. On the launch screen LOM shows a number ending in 14, presumably meaning a 2014 build. DD shows as version 1.0. I've tried uninstalling an redownloading the games but the version numbers do not change. In settings the games are set to update automatically.

How can I ensure I have the latest versions?
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Same here. Just bought Doomdark's Revenge and I'm not happy to see it sitting on 1.0 when the forum tells me it should be 1.3.8. What should I do?
The App should include an update option if it detects a newer version. And as far as I am aware GoG updated all their installers to be the latest versions when I sent them to them.

There is a file app.icf in the installation directory. The very last entries should show the version number...

SysAppCaption="Doomdarks Revenge"

SysAppCaption="The Lords of Midnight"