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for some of u maybe a useful information for better graphics in "the longest journey":

the game gives u only a screen output of 640x480. your graphics card will stretch it to your fullscreen (4:3 or 16:9).
2D games use a background image with animated overlays. the size of the background images in TLJ is 640x365. stretching it to fullscreen looks mostly still... ok.

the problem are the animated parts. in the recource files of the game they are much bigger (higher resolution) than the game is using it for 640x365.
means: first the game makes the animations smaller to fit to the 640x365 background and than your graphics card is stretching it to your fullscreen resolution. that looks weird of course. anti-aliasing cant really remove the heavy sawtooth effect.

so if u could force the game to produce a higher resolution the most animated parts would look much cleaner.

solution: u can use a glide-wrapper. they can force old games to produce a higher resolution output. in this case it means: no quality-change for the background, but much cleaner animated-parts.

i use dgvoodoo 2.53 to force a higher resolution mixed with 4x antialiasing in the graphics card panel and get sharp and clean animation-borders without the ugly sawtooth effect (works for the most animations in the game). there are other glide-wrappers (a very old list, maybe u find a newer one):

maybe u will get a little bit mouse-tearing when u use a higher resolution than 640x480, but for me the positive effect is more important than some little white dots sometimes. check the attachment screenshot.

select the 2.53 version cause virus engines always need a while to figure that not all what they dont know must be a virus (heuristic false positive). so the older 2.53 version is ok now for the most important av-tools.
example thread at malwarebytes how it works normally:

attachment: TLJ example screenshot / my dgvoodoo settings

have fun and sorry for my horrible english :)

edit: dgVoodoo link changed
edit 2: just saw there is an older thread about this topic... :/

use dgvoodoo version 2.53 for this game. seems like uyou get some display problems with the current version 2.54.
don't use dgvoodoo-antialiasing, use your graphics-card panel.

the directx-settings for the preferences.ini in the game-directory:
setup4-3.jpg (321 Kb)
setup16-9.jpg (303 Kb)
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Thanks for the info! Normally I really dislike 'mixed resolutions' but this looks pretty good. I wasn't expecting the upscaled backgrounds to blend so well with the higher rendering resolution for the 3D bits.