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Hello folks,

on Kubuntu 14.04 with the proprietary NVIDA drivers 340.02, my GeForce GTX 660 shows red dots on many surfaces. Maybe it has something to do with the shaders, because the dots (dis-)appear and change if the lighting changes.

None of the in-game video settings has any influence on this effect. Here are some pictures:

Does anyone have a clue about the possible cause and how to fix it?

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I can't provide a solution, but this is an official statement taken from this thread:

Q: I am running the game on Linux and I am seeing weird graphical artifacts in some areas, What can I do to fix this?
A: There is a known issue with some shaders in Unity not being supported on Linux systems. This may often result in graphical artifacts such as black boxes and glitchy lighting in some places.
We are working on improving this. In the meantime, please make sure you have the latest graphics drivers on your system and that you are not overriding applications settings from your graphics device's control panel.