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I just found out that the Time element Art called White Gehenna is displaying the wrong required elements in this PC port of the game.

I've been searching around the net, and found out that White Gehenna requires Time x8, Space x4 and Mirage x2, but in the Bracers Notebook from the PC port of the game says that are needed Time x4, Space x4 and Mirage x2.

Well, I tried that combination(Time x4, Space x4 and Mirage x2) and I can't learn White Gehenna so I truly believe you need Time x8, not Time x4 as the Notebook displays.

Any chance to fix this in a future patch? The new patch didn't fixed it.

There's a possibility of more mistakes with other Arts as well, but I couldn't check over them yet as it's too soon for me(just got Scherazard and lvled her up to lv 13).

Maybe it's a good opportunity to fix it(or them) along with the future Bestiary(Monster Guide) add-on patch.
Post edited July 31, 2014 by Arukaizer
It was brought up on the Steam forums as well, so it'll probably be fixed.
White Gehenna is displayed correctly in Bracer Notebook with patch :)

If any moderator could mark this as solved, please, do so.

Thank you very much.
Arukaizer: If any moderator could mark this as solved, please, do so.
Just so you know, normal threads (with a green icon in the thread list) can't be marked as solved. Solvable threads are marked as questions by the topic creator when he/she starts them, and the creator can then select a post as the solution.