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So I've used a dualshock 2 for my input into Trails in the Sky 1-3. It doesn't seem like that'll be possible to use for TOCS as whenever I open the config menu I only can change the Mouse/Keyboard controls and it doesn't provide an option to use an input.

Does anyone know offhand if the game only supports a certain Dual Shock controller (3,4?) or what I would need to do to map bindings to my dualshock 2? Also are there any drivers or programs necessary to use the DualShock with the game?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide!
Hello my fellow Dualshock 2 user.

I don't know how to change controller bindings for Trails of Cold Steel or even if it supports changing them. Unfortunately it seems like this follows the horrible modern trend of requiring you to use an XInput controllerwithout mentioning that anywhere. I think the next game I buy that doesn't say it only supports XInput I will demand my money back.

Enough ranting. The support drones here will tell you to use some Xbox 360 controller emulator like https://www.x360ce.com/. It has worked well enough with other games so far that it has dissuaded me from doing a chargeback.
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